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Week Two Recap

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Week starting 19 July

First up on Monday, the contestants were set a series of kitchen prep challenges. The final task saw Marion, Daniel, Adele and Courtney cut salmon fillets of the correct weight and they were given their Top 24 aprons.

On Tuesday they faced the next challenge, to cooked Matt Moran's quail, pumpkin and gnocchi dish alongside the chef himself.  Jonathan, Peter, Aaron, Adam, Philip and Kate cooked the best versions of Matt's dish and were through to the Top 24.

It was MasterClass time on Wednesday and Thursday. Contestants learnt how to cook a dish of baby vegetables and techniques for grilling meat by George and Gary. George also made a raspberry dessert with jelly, granita and champagne.

The six contestants who won Top 24 spots cooking against Matt Moran were treated to a Masterclass with him in ARIA's kitchen. Matt showed them how to make seafood canapés.

Friday's episode had a mystery box challenge and four more contestants make it into the Top 24.  Kate made a surprise announcement that she was leaving MasterChef to be with her family, freeing up another Top 24 spot.