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Week Sixteen Recap

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On Monday and Tuesday, the final seven returned the MasterChef kitchen after their mammoth week in London. 

Last week's eliminated contestant Joanne was welcomed back for one last Masterclass where Gary and George demonstrated Char-Sui Salmon and  Scallop Loukoumades and  Rhubarb Souffle. 

Later the final seven contestants headed to a food styling session with Donna Hay where they learn to create Donna's Caesar Salad.

On Wednesday, the final 7 contestants spent a nice relaxing day at the house while unbeknownst to them 11(Sharnee, Jake, Kate, Skye, Matthew, Philip, Daniel, Courtney, Peter, Jimmy & Devon) of the eliminated contestants returned compete for 3 places back into the MasterChef Australia competition.

They battled it out a series of basic skills tests. Sharnee, Kate, Matthew, Daniel  and Skye failed to make the grade and were eliminated.

The top 6 remaining returnees had one more challenge ahead of them on Thursday before they can find out who will gain a place back in the competition.

The tables were turned on Thursday as the final seven contestants became the judges. The six returnees were tasked with an invention test to cook what ever they like in order to impress their competitors.

Not knowing whose food they were judging, the top seven selected that Jimmy, Courtney and Peter had the best dishes and they returned to the competition.

Friday was a Celebrity Chef challenge with a difference as all 10 contestants competed against Celebrity Chef Mitchell Orr for a coveted immunity pin.

The contestants had to cook Mitchell's Prawn and Saffron Risotto recipe with extra 10 minutes more than Mitchell.

The judges revealed the top 3 as Peter, Courtney & Mitchell but neither of the contestants dishes were good enough to beat Mitchell so everyone went home empty handed.