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Week Fifteen Recap

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An amazing week in London continued on Monday with another huge challenge. The contestants headed to Hatfield House in Hertfordshire where it was revealed they had to cook for iconic chef Heston Blumenthal. They were divided into pairs and each pair has to recreate one of Heston's unusual and challenging signature dishes including Mandarin Meat Fruit and Snail Porridge.
Marion & Alvin were judged as having made the best dish of the day and Marion was announced as the winner of the challenge.

On Tuesday Marion faced the Celeb Chef Challenge after winning the Heston Blumenthal Challenge. She cooked off against Celeb Chef Martin Blunos and had to cook his tricky dessert dish - Eggs and Soldiers. The dishes were judged by George and guest judges from MasterChef UK John Torrode & Gregg Wallace.  The judges agreed Marion had done a great job and Martin only narrowly beat Marion 26 points to 24.

It was Superchallenge time on Wednesday and Thursday. Contestants had to make their way from London to Paris on the Eurostar. Teamed up in pairs, the pairs had to make their way to Paris, devise and cook their own menu.  They caught the Eurostar to Paris, then had to navigate their way around the city to do their shopping. Once their shopping was complete they headed to Notre Dame on the banks of the river Seine to cook their dishes. The teams were judged by by Gary, George and Guest Judge from Le Cordon Bleu Franck Poupard.  Marion & Callum came out on top, while the Green team Jonathan & Joanne were the least impressive and up for elimination.

Friday was elimination time. Joanne & Jonathan faced a Pressure Test at The Ledbury restaurant in Notting Hill. They had to recreate a dish by Australian Chef working in London Brett Graham,  Roast Pigeon with Cervene onion, morels and liquorice. Gary, George & Brett tasted both dishes and made the difficult decision of who to send home. In the end Jonathan's dish was the better of the two and Joanne was eliminated from the Competition. Back at the Langham hotel everyone packs their bags and head home after a fantastic and challenging week in London.