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Week Eleven Recap

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It was an offsite Challenge on Monday. The two teams faced a mammoth challenge - cooking for a sail away party for a P&O cruise ship.

Each team had to make 4000 canapes for 200 customers who will vote for their favourite dishes. The Blue team struggled and choose to sacrifice 100 of their votes to hire a chef to assist them.

But the decision didn't help and the Blue team lost to the Red team 1138 votes to 762 votes, leaving the Blue team up for elimination.

Tuesday the Blue team faced the elimination challenge while the Red Team had their reward lunch at Red Lantern. 

The Blue team had to decide for themselves who were the bottom three performers during the cruise ship challenge and  eventually Marion, Jake & Joanne were put up for elimination.

Marion used her immunity pin to save herself so only Joanna and Jake faced the Thai Green Curry taste test elimination. Jake was the first to guess wrong and was eliminated.

Midweek was MasterClass time once again and the contestants were taught by George & Matt Moran this week. Dishes included Spinach Pasta Dough, Potato & Leek Ravioli and Frangipane Tart.

Adam & Jonathon attended a private MasterClass with Fergus Henderson who specialises in 'Snout to Tail Cooking'

Friday marked the half way point of the series and the 12 remaining contestants faced a Mystery Box Challenge with Steak & Kidney. Claire wins the Mystery box for the first time and picked the core ingredient for a vegetarian challenge where the contestants had to convince 6 beefy blokes who love their meat that their dish is the best.

She chose Goats Cheese and contestants were paired up to create their dish. The top two pairs Claire & Jonathon and Adam & Aaron faced off in a new challenge that guaranteed one of them immunity and it was Adam & Aaron as the winners.

The bottom 2 pairs that will face the pressure test on Monday are Skye & Callum and Peter & Joanne.