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Week Eighteen Recap

Week Eighteen (starting 15 November)

Don't forget you can still catch last week's episodes Ondemand.

The week started with elimination on Monday as Alvin, Marion, Peter & Aaron face the Pressure test. They each had to make an  Adriano Zumbo Macaroon Tower.
The judges, joined by Adriano, tasted the dishes and Peter was eliminated after only being back in the competition for a short time.

On Tuesday, Claire faced her first Celebrity Chef Challenge against Adam Melonas. She had to create his molecular gastronomy based dish Green Pea & Egg. Clare struggled with the challenge but the scores were close, with Adam winning the competition with  24 while Claire scored 21.

It's time for another offsite team challenge on Wednesday. Adam and Claire were team Captains, and teams had to cooking for 100 army soldiers. The Contestants dressed in their cammo gear and trek through the Army base with Army packs to the Field Kitchen. The teams prepared their own menus in the primitive setting and served their food up to the hungry soldiers.

The soldiers voted for their favourite dish and the Red team won with 66 votes, leaving the Blue team (Adam, Marion, Adam and Jonathan) up for elimination. Adam debated whether or not to use his immunity pin but after some persuasion from his team mates, he used his pin and was safe from Thursday's elimination.

On Thursday, the Red team head of to their reward lunch at Sean's Panaroma while back at the MasterChef kitchen there was a shock elimination. Marion, Adam and Jonathan discovered that their elimination challenge was based around Nuts. In round one, they had to identify different types of nuts and Jonathan does well and is safe.

In round two,  Marion & Aaron had to make 1 cup of satay sauce from Gary's recipe. Gary and George tasted both satays' and decided that Aaron's was better so Marion was eliminated from the competition. Back at the house, the other contestants were shocked and upset.

On Friday it was part one of a MasterClass with Gary and George. Stay tuned for part two.