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Lucas Q&A

Lucas Parsons - Fast facts

1. Current job: Café Manager.
2. Favourite chef: Gordon Ramsey.
3. Favourite restaurant: Lucios, Paddington, Sydney.
4. Favourite cuisine: French.
5. Favourite place to travel: London.
6. Favourite dish to cook: Singapore chilli mud crab.
7. Favourite dessert to eat: Sticky date pudding.
8. Sweet or Savoury: Savoury.
9. Chilli or garlic: Garlic.
10. How do you like your eggs: Scrambled.

1. Favourite ingredient and why?

Butter, makes most dishes great.

2. Favourite utensil and why?
Knife, most important item in the kitchen.

3. What's your favourite meal of the day - breakfast, lunch or dinner?

4. What do you prefer, chicken, beef, seafood or tofu, and why?
Seafood, goes great with butter.

5. What dish would be the way to your heart?
Pork belly, just makes me melt.

6. What's your favourite tune to cook to?
Andrea Bocelli.

7. Describe how you felt during the MasterChef audition?
I was always wondering the show was about. Big Brother with a wok? I did not want to be part of that.

8. Tell us about your journey into the Top 20:
Meeting all the people who just love food as much as I do blows me away. To get to talk to them and learn from them has been great.

9. What do you think you'll learn from being on MasterChef?
More about food and cooking.

10. Are you nervous about cooking for the judges and why?
Yes. Being judged on something that you love is always hard.

About Lucas
1. Tell us about how you got into cooking and how old were you?

It's hard to remember how old I was, though I did get into it because my family love to entertain others. There have been some great times.

2. Who do you cook for the most?
My wife and mother and father in law.

3. What do you love and what do hate about cooking food?
I love seeing happy people around me. People love food. Cleaning up is the only bad part.

4. What three ingredients would you take with you to a desert island and what would you cook with them?
Pork belly (crispy).

5. If you were having any three people, alive or dead, over for dinner, who would they be and what would you cook for them?
Gordon Ramsey, my dad, and Chris from the show. I would cook pork belly with some mash and cabbage. Everyone would love that.

6. What inspired you to go on MasterChef?
My wife. We love watching the show, the UK version.