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Kate Q&A

Kate Rodriguez - Fast facts

1. Current job: Las Student/waitress
2. Favourite chef: Marcus Warring and Heston Blumenthal. Mainly Marcus, though.
3. Favourite restaurant: Cinnamon Club, London and Quay, Sydney.
4. Favourite cuisine: Indian or any desert.
5. Favourite place to travel: Paris.
6. Favourite dish to cook: Anything sweet.
7. Favourite dessert to eat: Crème caramel
8. Sweet or Savoury: Sweet!
9. Chilli or garlic: Both please
10. How do you like your eggs: Poached and runny.

1. Favourite ingredient and why?

Sugar. I love making desserts.

2. Favourite utensil and why?
A blender because it doubles as a cocktail maker.

3. What's your favourite meal of the day - breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Breakfast. I can't go without it and I usually eat enough to last me the whole day.

4. What do you prefer, chicken, beef, seafood or tofu, and why?
Seafood.  It's very fresh and Australian and I love to stuff my face with it. 

5. What dish would be the way to your heart?
Possibly the perfect bread and butter pudding. I'm waiting for someone to outdo my mother's.

6. What's your favourite tune to cook to?
Anything sung by Andrea Bocelli. I love him!

7. Describe how you felt during the MasterChef audition?
I had a fantastic time at the audition but at the same time was really nervous.

8. Tell us about your journey into the Top 20:

9. What do you think you'll learn from being on MasterChef?
How to use a washing machine.

10. Are you nervous about cooking for the judges and why?

About Kate
1. Tell us about how you got into cooking and how old were you?

My mum brought me a kiddy cookbook when I was 8.

2. What's the first meal you remember cooking and was it a success or a disaster?
Apple pie. Massive success. Massive mess.

3. Who do you cook for the most?
Myself, I am quite greedy and could out eat most men.

4. What do you love and what do hate about cooking food?
Love: eating the food.
Hate: cleaning up after myself.

5. What three ingredients would you take with you to a desert island and what would you cook with them?
Vodka, cranberry and peach schnapps. My liver.

6. If you were having any three people, alive or dead, over for dinner, who would they be and what would you cook for them?
Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson. Anything he wanted.

7. What inspired you to go on MasterChef?
I've watched every episode of the UK version.