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Essential pantry ingredients

A good cook has to have the right ingredients so we've compiled a list of basics that you'll need in your pantry if you want to start cooking like a MasterChef.

Meal Bases    
Pasta           Spaghetti            Fettucini             Penne              Fusilli
Rice            Brown               White                 Jasmine           Arborio
Beans          Red                   White                 Caneloni 
Lentils          Couscous           Noodles

The list is endless so here's just some essentials for budding MasterChefs.    

Sea salt       Peppercorns       Rosemary            Thyme            Cumin (seeds/ground)
Turmeric     Paprika               Oregano             Chilli               Coriander (seeds/ground)
Cinnamon   Nutmeg               Cloves                Cardamom     Vanilla pods/essence

Extra Virgin Olive Oil             Soy sauce          Mustard
Canola/Rice bran oil               Fish sauce         Peanut oil
Sesame seed oil                     Coconut Milk    Stock (Chicken/Beef)
Balsamic vinegar                    Tomato paste 
Red /White Wine vinegar      Honey 

Fruit/Veges/ Nuts & Seeds   
Tinned tomatoes                    Potatoes           Cashews nuts     Almonds
Tinned corn                          Onions               Pinenuts            Sesame seeds
Tinned Chickpeas                 Garlic                Walnuts             Peanuts


White Flour                          Baking powder   Castor sugar
Wholemeal flour                   Cornstarch          Icing sugar
Bakers flour                         Brown sugar       Cocoa powder
Baking soda                        White sugar         Yeast