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Episode 55 - Monochrome

Masterclass #4 George


Serves 10


Beetroot Powder

500g Beetroots, whole


1. Wash beetroots and dry well

2. Slice on meat slicer on 1 thickness

3. Dehydrate at 50 degrees for 12 hours or until crispy

4. Crush beetroot roughly and grind in a spice grinder to a fine powder

5. Store in an air tight container


Salmon Eggs

200g Salmon eggs

100ml Beetroot juice


1. Mix all ingredients together

2. Store in an airtight container

3. Marinate for 12 hours



Beetroot Cured Salmon

1.5kg Salmon barrels

400ml Beetroot juice

400g Table salt

200g Sugar


1. Make sure salmon barrels are cleaned properly and free of all pin bones

2. Mix beetroot juice, salt and sugar together

3. In sous vide bags place salmon barrels and enough cure mix to cover completely. Seal to remove all oxygen

5. Cure for 24 hours


Baby Beetroot

10 Baby beetroot


1. Wash the baby beetroots and trim off any excess

2. Place in a pot and cover with salted water

3. Bring to the boil, simmer until tender

4. Drain off water, allow beets to cool to room temperature, peel skin off


Beetroot Emulsion

1L Beetroot juice

100ml Olive oil


1. Reduce the beetroot juice to 100ml

2. Allow reduction to cool to room temperature

3. Using an stick blender, slowly emulsify the olive oil in

4. Place cooked baby beetroots in emulsion and keep at room temperature


Pickled Shallots

150g Shallots, peeled

100ml Merlot vinegar

50ml Beetroot juice

5g Flaked salt


1. Slice shallots on mandolin 2mm thick

2. Discard any broken rings

3. Place all ingredients into a sous vide bag, seal to remove all oxygen

4. Pickle for 12 hours


Beetroot Gel Sheets

700ml Beetroot juice

5.25g Agar agar

3 Gold strength gelatine leaves


1. Bloom gelatine in ice water for minimum 5 minutes

2. Meanwhile, bring beetroot juice and agar to the boil, skimming off any impurities from the juice

3. Whisk in bloomed gelatine

4. Pass through a fine sieve

5. Pour juice into trays to 2mm thick

6. Allow to set at room temperature

7. Portion to appropriate size

8. Portioned sheets can be kept in between acetate sheets

9. Keep refrigerated until required


Beetroot Creme Fraiche

250ml Beetroot juice

300g Creme fraiche

8ml Lemon juice

5g Flaked salt

35g Fresh horseradish, microplaned


1. Reduce the beetroot juice to 30ml, set aside to cool to room temperature

2. Whisk all ingredients together until uniform

3. Store in an airtight container


To Serve

Bulls blood leaves, for garnish

Place all the elements on serving plates