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Ep 84 - Rocky Road

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Matt Moran

Rocky road

Chocolate mousse
1 gelatine leaf, bloomed
150g 64% Callebaut chocolate
2 egg yolks
1 egg
330ml thickened cream, whipped to soft peaks
Coconut sorbet
125ml sugar syrup
125ml milk
400ml Kara coconut cream
Rosewater jelly
30ml rosewater
70g castor sugar
400ml water
11g gelatine leaf, bloomed
Red food colouring
Tonka bean marshmallow
150g water
450g castor sugar
150g glucose
1/2 tonka bean
100g egg whites
20g gelatine leaf, bloomed
100g toasted desiccated coconut
Chocolate pipe
500g dark chocolate
To decorate
Chocolate, melted
Chocolate macaroons
1 punnet raspberries
100g macadamia nuts, roasted
Edible flowers
Micro mint

1 For chocolate mousse, melt chocolate over a double boiler, stirring until smooth. Allow to cool. Squeeze liquid from gelatine, place in a separate double boiler and add one tablespoon water. Stir
until gelatine dissolves.

2 Beat eggs in a bowl until thick and creamy, add gelatine and stir well. Stir into melted chocolate until smooth. Quickly fold in whipped cream and spoon into a prepared piping bag. Refrigerate until

3 For coconut sorbet, mix all ingredients together until combined. Pour into a pre-chilled ice cream machine and churn according to manufacturers instructions. Place in freezer until required.

4 For rosewater jelly, place rosewater, castor sugar and water into a saucepan and heat to 80C. Add gelatine leaf and stir to combine. Add 1-2 drops of colour and stir. Pour into plastic take away
containers to 1cm deep and refrigerate until set firm.

5 For marshmallow place water, sugar and glucose into a saucepan. Grate tonka bean into the saucepan and heat to 120C and remove from heat.

6 Whisk egg whites in a small bowl of an electric mixer to stiff peaks. Squeeze any residual water from the softened gelatine and stir into sugar mixture until dissolved. Continue to beat egg whites
and slowly beat in sugar mixture until stiff, shiny and glossy. Spoon into a prepared piping bag and pipe small teardrops 2cm diameter into toasted coconut.

7 For chocolate pipe, temper chocolate then pour a spoonful of chocolate onto acetate and spread thinly. Allow to set for 3-4 minutes, roll to form a cylinder with internal edges touching and secure
with sticky tape. Leave for 1 hour to set completely and gently peel away acetate.

8 Place a marshmallow, two raspberries, two small spoonfuls of rosewater jelly and two macadamia nuts into the pipe. Pipe a second layer of mousse on top and repeat step 8. Fill the remaining area of the pipe with mousse, smooth edges and set aside until required.

9 To finish, brush a line of melted chocolate across a serving plate. Place a chocolate macaroon near the chocolate line. Press slightly to flatten. Arrange raspberries, marshmallows and flowers around
the plate. Place a chocolate pipe across the line. Form a quenelle of coconut sorbet and place it on the macaroon. Scatter a dessert spoonful of chopped roasted macadamias around the plate and top
with baby mint.