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Dominic Q&A

Fast facts

1. Favourite chef: Brent Savage.
2. Favourite restaurant: Marque Restaurant in Sydney.
3. Favourite cuisine: Chinese.
4. Favourite place to travel: Italy.
5. Favourite dish to cook: Osso Bucco.
6. Favourite vegetable: Potato.
7. Sweet or savoury: Savoury.
8. How do you like your eggs: Scrambled.


Favourite ingredient and why?
Garlic. I use it in Asian/European and every cuisine!

What's your favourite meal of the day - breakfast, lunch or dinner?

What dish would be the way to your heart?
Irish stew cooked by my wife.

What are your favourite tunes to cook to?
The cricket or Frank Sinatra.

What do you think you'll learn from being on MasterChef?
How to cook under pressure. 

Which judge makes you the most nervous?
None in particular.

Tell us about how you got into cooking and how old were you?
Firstly with my Mum at the age of seven. Then again 18 months ago when I was made redundant.

What's the first meal you remember cooking and was it a success or a disaster?
Steak and potatoes for my sister and her friends. It was okay.   

What three ingredients would you take with you to a desert island and what would you cook with them?
Garlic, ginger and beef. I would make garlic and ginger beef!

If you were having any three people, alive or dead, over for dinner, who would they be and what would you cook for them? 
Jesus Christ, Paul Keating and Barack Obama. I'd make steak and chips.

What inspired you to go on MasterChef?
My kids.