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A Tribute to Sonny

This week on Marae 7th September 2008

A Tribute to Sonny
A year ago legendary blues man Sonny Day passed away and was buried at his beloved family home of Motukaraka in the far north. His death was sudden and it meant many people could not attend the tangi.

But only 3 weeks ago nearly 1000 musicians and fans turned up at a popular Auckland venue to pay tribute to Sonny.

Urgent Legislation
Parliament is now in urgency to debate about 18 pieces of legislation the government wants completed before this year's general election.
One of these bills is the Climate Change (emissions trading and renewable preference) Bill ....

Detractors of the bill claim it'll cost households $58 a week ...its in breach of Te Ture Whenua Mäori act 1993 and the treaty of Waitangi by imposing an encumbrance over Mäori land, which in effect is the rip-off of Mäori land ...
To support and refute these claims ... Labour's Shane Jones and Mäori party's Angeline Greensill.

Killer Graphics
Shocking killer graphic images have appeared on our cigarette packets as part of an anti-smoking campaign led by the government.

It's now illegal to sell cigarette packets with only the text warnings.
Shop owners must replace those cigarette packets with the new packets that have the new killer graphic warnings.