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Te Arawa Kapa Haka

Nga Take O Te Wa:
For five years they have stayed away from Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival. Instead they have opted to hold their own festival and the latest celebration of Te Arawa kapa haka kicks off this morning at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre. Stephanie Pohe reports.

De-Mystifying Makutu
This week Makutu made headlines after details describing last month's death of young mother Janet Moses in the Wellington suburb of Wainuiomata were released.

The Dominion Post reported Ms Moses died after enduring hours of having water forced down her throat, while up to 40 of her mother's whanau looked on, in an exorcism ceremony to life a makutu.

But some say what happened to Janet Moses bears no resemblance whatsoever to the tikanga of makutu.

Joining Shane in studio are Timoti George, Awhitia Mihaere and Anaru Paine, three individuals whose professional work lives include everyday encounters with makutu practices.

Te Arawa Kapa Haka Live:
Stephanie Pohe reports live from Rotorua Energy events Centre as the Te Arawa Kapa Haka Festival kicks off.

features Te Arawa group Ngati Rangiwewehi performing 'Ihenga' at the 1996 Aotearoa Traditional Maori Performing Arts Festival - our  dedication one  of their recently departed leaders, Atareta Maxwell