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Mozzy Cop

MEDIA RELEASE: This week on Marae, 11 May 2007

Baby Jhia Shock, sadness, anger. All the emotions were out in force this week following the death of two year old baby Jhia in Wanganui. While the country agonised over what to do with gangs, reporter Potaka Maipi went to Ngäti Tukorehe Marae near Levin on the day of baby Jhia's burial and spoke with the family.

What makes a Gang Whanau Tick? : They're not just a bunch of anti-social males. They have families too. But is that family as renegade as the men who appear to rule them, and what might they think about this week's events that saw a young baby caught in gangland crossfire and killed? Shane talks with Sam Chapman of the Houhanga Rongo Ministry and former Mongrel Mob leader Tuhoe Issacs, live from "When the Prisoner comes home", a national conference held in Wellington this week which explores what ex-inmates need to make it on the outside.

Mozzy Cop: "The law can only be beaten by the law." Powerful words uttered by Te Kooti Rikirangi over 100 years ago. They're words which Jo Kamira  took to heart when she became the first Maori woman to join the Australian Federal Police Force.

She needed the whakatauaki too, because it became a journey of self discovery and an insight into the darker side of white Australian Culture.

Treaty Truck: History in the balance. It took seven days to write and seven months to sign. 167 years on, the Treaty of Waitangi is still the subject of debate and controversy. As recently as 2 weeks ago the government's touring exhibition, Treat 2 U, has been criticised by a leading academic. Stephanie Pohe Reports

A Waiata for Mothers Day: "Tini Whetu" a song dedicated to the many stars in our lives, our Mothers! This week on Marae we feature the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Auckland hosting a night with Whirimako Black, one of the biggest Maori language music stars of all. Accompanied by guitarist Joel Haines, Whirimako closes the show with "Tini Whetu".