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Dover Samuels

This week on 16th November 2008

Dover Samuels
Out with Labour and in with National.

That's how the people of Aotearoa voted.

The fall of Labour has seen a reshuffle within the party.

As Helen Clark steps down as leader we also farewell one of Labours most colourful MP's Dover Samuels.

His retirement spells the end of an era when men were men and women were men as well.

Tahuri Tumoana took the opportunity to talk with Dover Samuels and reflect on what has been a colourful life so far.

Unresolved constitutional issue
It's an issue that has divided our society for some time now.

It's undoubtedly one of the most significant unresolved constitutional issues in New Zealand - the place of the treaty of Waitangi.

Dr Matthew palmer attempts to answer the question in his new book - the treaty of Waitangi in NZ's law and constitution.