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Brought up in a small town - Kawerau, now married to Melissa and living in Tauranga, Graham Hoete aka GMAN is the founder of REPZ Streetwear and Director of GMAN Creatives Ltd.

He's all about pursuing his passiona nd living his god given dreams, with the effect of hopefully inspiring the next generation to do the same and not just "get by" or get a "well paid" job, but make a successful living out of what they love doing.

REPZ is all about one thing - Reprezenting who you truly are at the highest level.  So many fall short of the great things they are truely destined to accomplish and become.

Graemes' ultimate aim is to establish REPZ ont he international scene and reprezent a generation of kiwi's that are doin it!!

For more info on GMAN check out his website or bebo:

We have 1 wahine and 1 Tane G-Man t.shirt to give away, all you need to do is check out the show on 1st December, come back to this website and fill in the entry form!!