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Gabrielle Paringatai

He whakapapa toku mai i te urunga o te ra i te maunga e kore e neke,
Ara ko Hikurangi,
Ko Ngati Porou toku Iwi
Ka huri toku aro ki te maunga titohea e ko,
a ki Taranaki
Ko Ngati Ruanui me Nga Rauru oku Iwi
Ka moe a Trevor Paringatai ki a Mihi Janeen Prime, a, ka puta mai ko ahau te mataamua
Ko Mau Whakaarahia Gabrielle Paringatai toku ingoa

Kia Ora whanau my name is Gabrielle.  I was born in the "Windy Capital" of Aotearoa and breed in Wainui-O-Mighty (Wainuiomata) a small but mighty town, renowned for producing some of the countries top Rugby and Rugby League players. Go Wainui!

I've just spent the last 3 years teaching at Te Kura O Pukeatua, formerly known as Glendale Primary, a school that I also attended as a youngster, and although I have ventured out of this little hub to pursue other things, there is a saying that goes "You can take the girl out of the country (in my case Wainui) but you can not take the country out of the girl".

Now if you were to spend a relaxing Saturday with me, we would start the day off with a hearty, delectable breakfast of Bacon and Eggs with a side of mushrooms.  I would then take you on a scenic tour (a whole 20mins) of Wainuiomata in my "flash" wheels, in which some whanau labelled the "Hara Taras".  Throughout this drive we would listen to the soulful melodies of India Airee, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone and Lauren Hill.  I may slip in the old school Hip-Hop or Rap cd, and if I'm feeling the need to be tuturu and keep it real I'll push play on the Kapa Haka tapes.  If you managed to handle this eclectic range of melodies and the beautiful sights of my hometown we may conclude the day with a run (walk) up to the Wainuomata water-tower to burn off those bacon and eggs.

I remember when Mai Time first hit the screen, when the whanau and I were loyal watchers and would take time out on Saturday mornings to watch the original crew, and now, so many years later I have the great pleasure and honour to be following a similar path. So yes, I am pumped and hyped to be presenting a show which is founded on tikanga M?ori, keeps its finger on the pulse, and believes in the voice of our rangatahi.

Bring On 2007! Mauri Ora!