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Louis Theroux


Louis Theroux: Under The Knife

Monday February 18 at 9.30pm

Louis Theroux reveals the startling reality of a sweeping obsession with vanity. But how far is too far? Can larger breasts or tighter abs really make a person happier?

An overwhelming fixation on beauty and self-image is heading to all corners of the world, straight from the west coast of the United States. Louis travels to California, the birthplace of plastic surgery, to observe this trend first hand.

In this magical place you can be whatever and whomever you want with the flick of a knife and a few thousand dollars. In fact, you don't even need that, just a credit card or a monthly payment plan from your friendly neighbourhood plastic surgeon. What used to be unaffordable luxury is now an everyday commodity.

Louis meets an astonishing cast of characters. Eve is performing a complete makeover of Laura: boob job, brow lift, and liposuction. But does Laura fully understand the permanence, and is she even in control of this transformation?

Next we meet, Kris - no he's not a movie star, he's just the pool guy. He is certain his life will change for the better if he has the perfect stomach. He hasn't the time to get one naturally so he is paying to get a six pack sculpted onto him in double quick time.

Finally, Louis meets Dr. Linder , the boob man of Beverly Hills, who points out all the breasts he's enlarged on a trip down Rodeo Drive.

Louis discovers a complex arena of cosmetic surgery where you can be anything you want, as long as you look good enough. Will Louis succumb to the easy promises of plastic surgery and plump for a procedure himself?