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Louis Theroux: Gambling in Las Vegas

Monday February 11 at 9.30pm

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With a long-held love for the City of Sin, the genial Louis Theroux heads to Las Vegas to meet the people prepared to bet their bottom dollar.

From the casino moguls to the slot slaves, Louis finds the people who are building the 'new' Las Vegas.

He reveals the world behind the myths of casino culture and meets the gamblers, high rollers and casino men who keep this town in the middle of the desert green with money.

Based in the Hilton, once the biggest hotel in the world, where Elvis used to play, Louis immerses himself in the other-worldly glamour and excitement of a major Vegas resort. Needless to say, nothing is quite what it seems. Once the biggest hotel in the world, it is Old School Vegas with a facelift. This is the casino where Elvis played over 800 consecutive shows and where Barry Manilow still packs out the theatre whenever he's in town.

Louis meets Richard Wilk, the Hilton's smooth-talking "Super Host", who prides himself on his ability to say yes to his clients. Louis hangs out with Richard's high-rolling "whales", including Allan, who flies in from Canada just to party in a $25,000 suite (the biggest in North America), ready to blow $200,000 or more over the weekend.

Louis makes his way past the dancing girls and flashing lights to find Martha, a glamorous septuagenarian who spends at least $1,000 a day on the slots. She hasn't missed a day in 10 years and has lost $4m.

There's also John and Tim, Vegas regulars who take Louis under their wing as he nervously gambles his own money on one very long night on the blackjack table. They walk away at 5am... but are they winners?

Louis also learns how to play Baccarat, how to lose his money but also, sometimes, how to win, and watches as people leave their inhibitions at home - and their money in Vegas.