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Louis Theroux


Louis Theroux: African Hunting Holiday

In his African Hunting Holiday, Louis Theroux investigates the elite world of well-heeled American hunters who pay top dollar for the ultimate luxury adventure
experience: a chance to shoot big game in Africa.

Lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, hippos, even rhinos are up for grabs for those with the right amount of money.

Defenders of hunting say it is a humane and necessary form of game management. Left to themselves, the animals will over-reproduce and starve. Critics call it cruel and barbaric.

Along the way, Theroux meets the mother bringing her seven-year-old along so he can bag his own springbok; a CEO intent on bringing home the head of a hippopotamus; an evangelical hunting guide who compiles videos of his most spectacular kills; and Theroux himself must decide whether or not he is willing to pull the trigger on some African wildlife.