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Lost Season 5 - Ben and Jack

Can it get more mysterious off the Island?

You betcha....

A new clip from the very first episode of Lost Season 5, entitled " Because You Left" has been released after the one of Kate and Aaron (details of how you can see that below)

This time, the clip involves Ben and Jack.

Click below to take a look

How would those two be even talking after everything which has happened on the Island?

The first sneak peek of Season 5 has already given us a few clues as to what's ahead when the TV2 drama returns early in 2009.

Click below to take a look

And now, there's an even more mysterious clip involving Kate and Aaron - these two full minutes are from the very first episode of Season 5 entitled "Because You Left"

Click below to watch 2 minutes of the Lost Season 5 premiere!

As if that wasn't enough some of the gang have shown up in a music video by the Fray (you'll remember they did How To Save A Life which featured in Scrubs )

Watch the Fray music video here now!

Don't forget you can catch Series 4 repeats of Lost every Wednesday at 10.30pm