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Sawyer's nicknames

Well LaFleur aka Sawyer's had a pretty quiet time of it this season. 

What with being head of security and in a relationship with Juliet on the island back in the past, he's not had much time to go all smart-alecky with people and dole out the nicknames.

But that's not always been the case in the past sometimes, they've always been a bit mean spirited but the rest of the time, there's always affection behind it hence the nickname for Kate - Freckles. 

We thought we'd take a look at some of the bon mots Sawyer's dispensed over the past 5 years on and off the island.

Of Ana-Lucia, he played on the whole action side of her - hence she's had names like Rambina but he's also mocked her calling her Cupcake and Hot Lips.

Ben's never fared particularly well at the hands of the Oceanic 815 survivors but then he's never been entirely honest with them.

Sawyer's various monickers for him include Gizmo, Yoda, and the rather pleasant Captain Bunny Killer. 

However, he's shown a lighter side when it came to Kate - Puddin, Freckles, Sweet Cheeks  - are just a few of the phrases he's used when casting those lovin' looks at her.

As for Hurley, we all know he has a soft spot for this guy but it didn't always start off like that with callous nicknames like Lardo, Stay Puft (Ghostbusters anyone?) Jabba (the Hutt), Babar and the amusing (but quite hurtful) International House of Pancakes.

And finally, Sawyer's never really had much respect for Jack either witness these wordy wonders -.Dr Quinn, Dr Do Right, Cowboy, Sundance (a la Butch Cassidy)

Still, let's face it, wherever the island is, we wouldn't have Sawyer any other way....