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S2 Ep 21: ?

Wednesdays at 8.30pm

Screened July 5 

Mr Eko is working on building his church on the beach when Ana Lucia suddenly appears. Just as Eko realises it's a dream, Ana Lucia suddenly has blood on her, and she tells him to help john. The dream continues, Eko is in the hatch and he sees his dead priest brother, who tells him the work being done in the hatch is important, and that Eko must help John. "John must take you to the question mark&.and Eko, bring the axe."

Then Eko awakens at his and Charlie's makeshift camp by the contruction. He grabs his axe and says he needs to find John.

John, Sawyer, John and Kate approach the hatch. Michael exits. "He shot me, he ran out! There was this guy he had a gun." Eko arrives and assists. They enter the hatch to find dead Libby and Ana Lucia shot and Henry gone. Kate confirms Ana Lucia is dead just as Libby spews up some blood, gasping for life. Michael looks concerned.

Eko performs last rites on Ana Lucia, then he turns and stares at an observing John. Jack is working to save Libby, Kate assists. Jack goes out and questions Michael how long ago Henry left. Jack says they can pick up the trail. Sawyer counters that Jack is needed her to help Libby. Eko volunteers to track Libby and suggests John goes with him.

Eko's flashback: Eko is in the confession booth hearing a confession from an adulterer who reveals himself as the man providing false ID for Eko. The man offers to set Eko up with some his "friends" in LA.

Then the monsignor tells Eko that his trip will have to be postponed as he needs Eko to investigate a miracle. A woman tells Eko and the other priest that her daughter drowned, then woke up. The monsignor priest explains that Eko must investigate the incident.

Eko tells the monsignor he cannot investigate the miracle because he doesn't believe the woman. "Why do you think I chose you?

Back on the island: Eko and John traipse through the jungle. John questions Eko's direction as they haven't seen any tracks or signs to indicate Henry came this way. Eko stops and asks John where the question mark is. John brushes off Eko's question and says he doesn't have to show him anything. Eko head butts John. Later by the fire, Eko tells John that he hit him because he was difficult, then says that Ana Lucia wants John to help him find the question mark.

John: "You don't know what you're talking about"
Eko: "But you do"

Still dismissive, John throws his hand drawn map at Eko. Eko deduces the the Swan on the map is where they came from, so they must go in the other direction. John says that he feels responsible for Ana Lucia's death because he kept quiet about Henry attacking her. Eko reiterates that she wants them to travel to the question mark together.
Flashback: Eko questions the mortician who describes how the young drowning victim awoke during the autopsy. He then plays an audio tape of the autopsy to Eko in which we hear the girl awaken and begin screaming just as he's about to cut into her.

Island: Eko and John examine the map. John asks him what the axe is for, Eko says he doesn't know yet. Just then Eko stands on a Virgin Mary statue - they have come upon the downed plane that John and Boone found together. John tells how the plane fell off the above cliff, killing Boone. "A sacrifice that the island demanded."

Hatch: Jack tells Kate, Sawyer and Michael that Libby's fate is sealed and that all he can do is make her comfortable. He asks Sawyer for the heroin, Sawyer agrees and Jack demands Kate go with him so (as Sawyer points out) she can see where Sawyer's stash is as the guns are also there.

As they walk down the beach, Kate asks Sawyer how Ana Lucia got his gun, he is evasive. He arrives at his tent and reveals that his stash is simply a hole in the ground under his bed. As they exit, Hurley shows up and asks if they've seen Libby. From a distance, we see Kate telling him what happened.

Eko and Jack: Eko sees his brother in the jungle as John sleeps. He beckons Eko, who follows him. Eko's brother begins climbing the cliff that the plane was at the top of, and tells Eko to follow him. Just as Eko gets to the top, he sees his brother in a wheel chair, then falls backwards off the cliff. John wakes up - we we're seeing John's dream. Eko inquires about the dream, asking if his brother the priest was in the dream. John doesn't know what to think. Eko gathers what happened in the dream and begins climbing the cliff against John's warnings.

Flashback: Eko talks to the mother of the miracle girl, her husband angrily tells her to get inside. The girl's father says that the girl never died, that her body simply shut down from the cold, and that the coroner got it wrong. He goes on to say that his wife is claiming it is a miracle to spite him because he is a fraudulent psychic. He gathers intelligence about people and uses it against them. N.B.: This is Richard Malkin, the "psychic" Claire talked to about her baby in season one. Eko accepts there was no miracle and as he leaves, he sees the girl staring at him from the window.

Island: Eko is climbing the cliff with the axe. He almost slips. Eko reaches the top and sees that the grassy field below has a specific pathway in the shape of a question mark. Back on the ground, Eko realises the earth on the pathway is salted. He looks around, digs under the plane and finds another hatch! Eko uses his axe to loosen the handles. John asks if he can open the hatch and Eko lets him.

Back in the main hatch (heretofore known as 'The Swan Hatch'): Hurley talks to Michael about his date with Libby that never happened. Hurley tells Michael he is happy that Michael is okay.

New hatch: Eko and John climb down the shaft and see a door with the Dharma Initiative symbol on it. The go through and find a room with two chairs and a set of early 80s-looking TV monitors. They switch them on and they reveal live images from the Swan Hatch. There is a computer from which John clicks 'Y' to print the log. Off the printer comes a big set of numbers. John discovers a pneumatic tube and plops his hand drawn map inside it to see it be sucked away. Eko discovers an "Orientation" video, which they plop in the machine and sit down to watch.

The title screening reads:

The Dharma Initiative
5 of 6

The next screen says:

Orientation - Station 5 - The Pearl.

We see the Asian dude from the Orientation film who introduces himself as Dr. Mark Whitman. He looks younger here. He explains that station 5 is a monitoring station for observing participants in Dharma initiative projects.  He says that the tour in The Pearl will last three weeks during which "you and your partner" will observe a psychological experience in progress in another station on the island, who are unaware that they are part of an experiment or that they are being observed. He goes on to explain that as the observer, "you" do not need to know what the subjects believe they are accomplishing, you simply need to know that they believe it is of the utmost importance that they fulfil their tasks. Whitman explains that everything, no matter how minute, must be put in the notebook, and that when each notebook is full, it should be rolled up and put in the pneumatic tube where it will be transported directly to "us". At the end of the 8-hour shift, observers are to proceed to the "Parla Ferry", which will take "you" back to&then the tape fudges out so we can't hear where. He then thanks "you" on behalf of everyone, including Alvor Hanso. The copyright at the end reads 1980.

Eko packs up the log print outs and John asks him why he is doing that. Eko says he now believes the button pushing is more important than ever. But John believes the video they just saw proves the whole thing was pointless, and everything he's believed in since he got here has been some big dumb meaningless experiment. Eko says they are being tested. "We don't press the button because the film told us to, we do it because believe we are meant to".

John erupts saying that he was never meant to do anything, and that every second of his life is as pointless as that button.

Flashback: Eko is checking in at the airport. The girl who "died" approaches him saying she has a message for him from Yemi (Eko's brother), and the message is that Eko was a good priest. The girl says he saw Yemi when she was "between places". The message continues: "Yemi says that he'll see you soon, and that even you don't have faith in yourself, he has faith in you."

Eko tells John about his brother, and how he is responsible for his brother's death, and that his brother's plane also crashed on the island, which is above them right now. He tells John that he talk the cross from his brother's body. Eko asks John how he can still think that it is all meaningless, and that if John doesn't continue to push the button, he will.

Back in the hatch, Jack administers heroin to a dying Libby. Hurley enters the room and asks to talk to her, Jack agrees. Hurley apologises to Libby for forgetting the blankets&Libby struggles to talk and manages a faint "Michael&". Jack reassures her that Michael is okay&oh blimey&then Libby totally dies!

Kate cries and Sawyer comforts her.

Eko and John head back from the jungle.

Hurley holds Libby's dead hand.

Michael stares at the computer screen, which is waiting for the numbers and beeping. End of episode.