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S1 Ep 23: Exodus, Part One

In the early hours of the morning, Walt looks out of his Sydney hotel room, waking Michael up by turning on the television. He tells him to turn it down; Walt says that Brian always lets him play it loud. They argue and Walt storms out with his dog Vincent. Michael drags him back in with Walt screaming that he's not his father.

On the island Walt sleeps in Michael's arms, he gets up and sees someone in the trees. It is Rousseau, the French woman, and soon everyone gathers around. Sayid asks what she is doing there; she replies that "the others" are coming.

Rousseau recalls: her ship went aground on the island sixteen years ago, there were six of them and she was seven months pregnant. A week after delivering the baby she saw black smoke and that night "they came" and took her child. And now they are coming again and they all have three choices: "run, hide or die."

Jack and Locke discuss Rousseau; Jack thinks she's crazy but Locke says it doesn't mean it's not true.

Michael is putting the finishing touches on the raft but needs everyone to help if they are to launch that day. The whole island works together to move the raft down rails to the water. They go too fast and something breaks, Michael blames Sawyer and they argue. Walt suddenly sees a torrent of black smoke in the distance.

Jack asks Rousseau how many "others" there are. She says she doesn't know and continues polishing her gun, saying that she can vanish into the jungle but where will Jack hide forty people?

Rousseau goes with Hurley, Jack, Locke, and Sayid to the hatch. She has never seen it before. Hurley asks how they could all fit in there. Sayid insists it's a mistake to go in as they know nothing about it and it could belong to "the others." Locke asks Rousseau if she still has any explosives - she says she has dynamite at The Black Rock but they have to leave within the hour to make it back by sunset.

At Sydney airport, Jack sits at a bar. A woman sits next to him and asks why he was yelling at the girl at the check in counter. She says she's on his flight to LA and she overheard him say his Dad died. She asks him if he's married, he says no, not anymore. He orders her a drink, she introduces herself as Ana Lucia, explaining that she is only drinking because she hates flying and they stuck her in the back of the plane. Jokingly she asks if he wants to swap seats. Ana Lucia's phone rings and she says she'll see him on the plane.

On the beach, Jack gathers everyone around saying he knows they are scared but he does have a plan. He tells them to help get the raft into the water then to go back to the caves. Arzt approaches Jack; Hurley had told him what they were planning to do. He warns that the dynamite may be dangerous so he wants to come with them.

Michael and Jin work on the raft. They don't let Sawyer help.

Sawyer is at an Australian police station. The cop reminds him of the bar fight he had the previous evening and that the man he head butted was a Government Minister. He calls him James and reads out his long criminal record. Sawyer is to be deported that day and never allowed to set foot in Australia again.

Back on the island, Saywer is cutting down bamboo when Jack comes over and gives him a hand-gun to take on the raft. Jack is going to give the rest of the guns to Sayid. He says goodbye and good luck for their trip.

Sawyer calls him back and says about a week before he got on the plane, he talked to an American doctor at a bar in Sydney. He had been in a fight with his son who was also a doctor back in the states. The doctor knew it was his fault and his son was back thinking the same thing. He had told Sawyer he wished he had the guts to ring his son and tell him he was a better doctor than him, that he was proud of him, and that he loves him. Jack realises he's talking about his father and cries. Sawyer remarks that something tells him he never got around to making that call.

At Sydney airport, a security guard is checking the US Marshal's briefcase asking him why he needs five guns. Kate is in his custody. The Marshal pulls out a toy plane and explains that it belonged to Kate's childhood sweetheart who she got killed when she was on the run. He says he has chased her for three years and she kept calling him so he told her that he had the toy plane in a safe deposit box in New Mexico. She went down and robbed the bank, killed someone, left the money and just took the plane - the one thing in the whole world that she cares about. The Marshal taunts Kate until she jumps up and fights him. He knocks her to the ground saying that is why he needs five guns.

On the island, Kate tells Jack she wants to go with him and help. He agrees.

Charlie is collecting messages from people to put in a bottle on the raft. Locke doesn't have one. Hurley gives one but makes sure Charlie doesn't read it.

Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke and Arzt go with Rousseau in search of the dynamite. Locke notices scratches up Rousseau's arm - she claims she got them from a bush. They journey around the island. Rousseau stops, it is the dark territory, The Black Rock is not far. She recalls that this is where it all began, where Martin got infected and lost his arm. She warns that they must move quickly. Arzt gets scared and goes back, his parting advice is to be very careful with the dynamite.

Michael and Jin are preparing the raft as Sawyer appears with the bamboo mast he's made. They are impressed.

Rousseau leads the group into the dark jungle. They hear something, a thumping noise approaching; it is Arzt, screaming for them to run. There is something crashing and growling through the jungle, they all run and hide in the trees. Locke says it's headed the other way and the noise recedes. Rousseau says that it was a security system to protect the island. Arzt reappears unharmed and rejoins the group.

Walt gives Shannon his dog, Vincent, to look after. He says it's so she can talk to Vincent about Boone. He said he would talk to him when his mother died.

Shannon sits at Sydney airport. Sayid approaches and asks her to look after his bag, and she agrees barely looking up from her book. Boone comes over, saying he couldn't get first class seats. They argue and she gets up, leaving Sayid's bag. She accuses Boone of not knowing what she is capable of doing. As an example, she goes to a security guard and says some Arab guy left his bag unattended downstairs. Boone looks amazed at her nastiness.

On the raft, Sayid gives Michael, Jin and Sawyer the plane's radar, radio transmitter and flare gun which contains only one flare.

Meanwhile, Rousseau stops the group outside The Black Rock. It is an old shipwreck amongst the trees.

Sydney airport, Jin sits at a café and Sun brings him a tray of food. He scolds her for taking so long. She puts a napkin on his lap to the amusement of an American woman sitting nearby. Sun overhears the woman's taunts and spills a drink on Jin's lap and tries to wipe him clean. The American continues to tease her thinking she doesn't speak English.

On the island, Sun gives Jin a notebook with a list of English words spelt phonetically in Korean. He says he is sorry and she is too. Sun doesn't want him to go. Jin insists he is on the island to be punished because he made her suffer. He wants to go so he can save her. Jin tells Sun to stay with Jack who will keep her safe.  Sun asks who will keep him safe. They cry and embrace. She tells him she loves him and he says he is sorry.

Then everyone gathers for the launch of the raft and they all say their goodbyes. Charlie gives the messages in a bottle to Sawyer. They push the boat into the water and Vincent, the dog, runs into the ocean after Walt who screams for him to stay. Vincent turns back into the arms of Shannon.

They hoist the sail, and a cheer goes up on the beach. Sawyer, Jin, Michael and Walt sail off into the horizon.

The smoke, however, is still billowing on the island.