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Kate Austen - played by Evangeline Lilly

AKA - Fugitive

On Island - Kate was Oceanic Flight 815 as a captured fugitive having been taken in for the murder of her abusive father. She saw the Island as a chance to start again.

This led her to fall for both Jack and Sawyer.

In Lost: The Final Season, Kate has struggled to find her place, ultimately ending up in "Locke's" group - although this could be more about survival than anything. Threatened with murder by Claire for apparently stealing Aaron, Kate's found a lot of her previous alliances and friendships shaken up.

With no sign of her being a Candidate, she appears to be lost in the overall scheme.

Off Island - In this season's parallel storyline, Kate is still a convict on the run - although as she helps a heavily pregnant Claire to hospital, there are signs she's trying to do the right thing off the Island too.

Love Interest -Kate's been involved in an eternal love triangle with Jack and Sawyer - but as the Final Season nears its end, there's no sign of her choosing either of them - or showing any interest in doing so.

Lingering question - How does Kate figure as part of the end? She's not been allocated a number as a Candidate to replace Jacob - so will it all end badly for her?