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Episode 15

Screened Wednesday 4 May

Locke returns to camp with an unconscious Claire in his arms. Jack tries desperately to wake her up, but when she finally comes to there's a surprise in store - she starts screaming and wants to know who they all are.

Claire has no memory of anything that happened after the crash, and has to learn to trust those around her again. This is particularly hard for Charlie, who had started to build a close friendship with her and must now start from scratch. In an effort to get close, he tells her that he was also taken by Ethan.

Charlie is clearly struggling to deal with the fact that he wasn't able to save Claire from being taken by Ethan. We flashback to another time in his life when Charlie let a woman down. It is a year after his band Drive Shaft split up, and Charlie is doing nothing much but taking drugs and living off his reputation. But the party is about to run out - drugs require money and Charlie doesn't have any left. He is therefore easily encouraged by his 'friend' Tommy to try stealing.

They devise a plan where Charlie hits on a wealthy but slightly frumpy girl called Lucy. She is easily impressed by his fame and his banter, and invites him back to her rich father's house. Charlie sees plenty of pickings and his perfectly happy to accept an invitation for dinner to meet her father.

The night of the dinner party sees Lucy's father talking about his own days in a band, which eventually broke up and disappeared. This strikes a chord with Charlie, who admits that Drive Shaft have been on a break for a year and it's increasingly unlikely they will ever get back together.

The next thing we know Charlie is telling Tommy that the theft plan is off. Lucy's dad has offered him a job as a copy machine rep and he has decided to take it and start being responsible. Tommy warns that it won't be easy when the drugs run out, but Charlie is determined to forge ahead. Lucy buys him a suit and a suitcase and offers to drive him to his new job, but Charlie's withdrawal symptoms are starting to take effect. Before he leaves for his first day he slips a jewelled cigarette case into his pocket.

His first day turns into a disaster. Standing in front of a roomful of people, Charlie can't get it to operate properly. He starts to sweat and shake and eventually vomits on the photocopier.

When he knocks on Lucy's door to explain, she is clearly upset. The stolen cigarette case was found in his jacket at the hospital. She knows she's been used but she wants to know one thing: Why did he take the job? Charlie tells her it's because he wanted to show he could be respectable and be able to take care of her. She tells him something that clearly stings: You'll never take care of anyone.

Back on the island, Charlie and Jin are walking between camps when Jin is taken out by a rock. Soon Ethan emerges and quickly overpowers Charlie, pinning him to a tree. He tells Charlie that he wants Claire back, and if he doesn't get her he'll kill one other survivor every day. He says Charlie will be the last to die.

When Jack, Locke and Sayid hear this news they are divided on how to deal with the situation. Jack and Charlie want a hunting party, but Sayid and Locke disagree and argue for protecting the camp. A crude defence system is rigged with trip wires and tin cans, and sentries are posted. Boone offers to be a sentry, and Sayid gives him a fleetingly doubtful look before agreeing. But Locke is supportive and tells Boone they are counting on his help.

Next we see Boone on sentry duty, struggling to stay awake. He wakes suddenly and it's morning and there's a commotion - which turns out to just be Vincent the dog. But just as Boone thinks he's off the hook he hears yelling. Down at the beach there is a body. It's one of the survivors and they haven't died of natural causes. Locke realises that their defences were easily broken - Ethan came in via the water. He wonders how they can possibly compete against someone (and there could be more than one) who knows the island so well.

But Jack thinks he has a way of giving them the upper hand. He brings out the case of guns he has hidden and hands them out. One for Locke, Sayid, himself and...Sawyer is called upon to be the other member of the team. When Kate expresses her interest in joining them Jack happily announces there are no more weapons, but he's wrong. Sawyer produces the gun he took off the Marshall and, with a smirk at Jack, hands it to Kate. Charlie is not even considered as a member of the hunting party.

Meanwhile, Claire has been wondering why everyone has been staring at her, as Charlie has resisted telling her the truth. She confronts Shannon who is more than happy to tell her what's going on.

Unwilling to let anyone else die because of her, she agrees to act as bait. She waits in the jungle while the others hide out with their guns. It's pouring and she's cold and uncomfortable, but finally Ethan emerges for his prize. Terrified, she runs, and Ethan takes off after her with Jack hot on his heels.

Last time Ethan and Jack met in a fight, Ethan overpowered him easily. But this time Jack gets the upper hand, and even though the gun is knocked from his hand he manages to wrestle Ethan to the ground, where he proceeds to beat him in a very ferocious, un-Jack-like manner.

Ethan submits, but just when we think we might get some answers he is riddled with bullets and falls down dead. Charlie has followed the hunters, picked up Jack's gun and taken his revenge on Ethan.

Back at camp, Charlie tells Jack that he wasn't going to let Ethan get anywhere near Claire again. He also points out that Ethan deserved it.

Claire approaches Charlie, telling him she remembers peanut butter. Charlie smiles and sees a chance for their friendship to be renewed.