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Ep 2: Confirmed Dead

We asked the biggest Lost fans in the country to send in their recaps of each episode. This week 15-year-old Charlotte Haselden from Christchurch gets the nod.

The budding journalist wrote to us saying she has never missed an episode. For her efforts she receives a very special Lost tent. So here is Charlotte's recap of "Confirmed Dead".

Flash Forward - The episode starts with a view under the sea. The camera moves around and then focuses on an aeroplane. It then reveals that this is the wreck of Oceanic 815.
Flash back -Daniel is watching the news and see's the wreckage. He starts to cry.
On the Island - There is a helicopter flying over the island in the rain. A man is then pushed out and parachutes down onto the island where Jack and Kate then find him minutes later.

The man is named Daniel and Jack tells him that they are survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. By using Naomi's old phone, Dan is able to contact George who we assume to be on the 'Freighter'
Locke is leading his group through the jungle and tells them how they have to find a cabin. Questioned further by Sawyer, he reveals that it was Walt who told him to go there.
Jack sees that Dan has a gun on him and asks why and we learn that they are not necessarily there to rescue them. Then the phone sounds which signals that another helicopter crew member is in the jungle close by.
Locke tells Sawyer that Ben shot him but it went right through where his kidney would of been. That's how he survived. Sawyer threatened to kill Ben but Locke said no because he may have useful information.
Jack, Kate and Dan find Miles lying on a rock. Jack approaches him but Miles pulls out a gun and points it at him saying that they killed Naomi. He knew this because of a pre-arranged code 'Tell my sister I love her.'
Flash Back
- We discover that Miles is a Psychic using his powers to his own ends.
Island - Kate takes Miles to Naomi's body where he finds out what really happened to her using his powers.
Flash back - We find out that Charlotte is an anthropologist who discovered a Polar Bear with a Dharma collar in the Tunisian desert.
Island - She parachutes from the helicopter onto the island and then Locke's group find her.
Juliet and Sayid meet up with Jack and Kate and as a result, Dan and Miles are disarmed.
Locke tells Charlotte that they don't want to be rescued and we presume her transponder is attached to Vincent. This confuses Jack's group who pick up and follow the signal thinking it's Charlotte but only find the dog.
Flash back - Frank the helicopter pilot is watching TV news showing the submerged wreck of flight 815 and realises the body is not that of the pilot. He informed the authorities.
Island - Jack's group find Frank and he takes them to the rescue helicopter which is still able fly.
Flash back - Naomi is meeting with a man to choose a team to travel to the Island with her. We see that this man is the same one who visited Hurley at the mental institution in the last episode.
Island - Locke's group are trying to get information from Charlotte when Ben shoots her in the chest. However she is wearing a bullet-proof vest and survives.
Jack's group learns from Miles that the reason that they came to the Island was to find Ben.
Locke and Sawyer now want to kill Ben, but in an attempt to stop them Ben tells them details of Charlotte's life and that her and her team are there for him.