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Sarah Thomson: 'Tiffany the Rich Bitch'

Playing the self-obsessed Tiffany was a dream come true for 19-year-old acting student Sarah Thomson.

"Tiffany is very pretentious and judgemental. She doesn't really have a clue - or care - what life would be like for the majority of people other than herself. She will very willingly engage in verbal battles and loves the entertainment value of conflict and bitchiness.They're not nice qualities, but they were such fun to play."

Sarah says acting has become her life. "It kind of takes over and you don't do much else. I'm at Auckland University doing theatre studies and when I'm not being a student or involved in some theatre madness I'm the oldest cliche in the book - a waitress."

Sarah's no newcomer to acting. She's done several short films, a few months on an American movie filmed in Christchurch, various stage shows, and has a passion for theatresports - where she can indulge her reputation for outrageous antics.

"I've got a 12-year-old sister, and nothing surprises her about me any more. If I came home with green hair she'd just roll her eyes and say 'typical'," she laughs.