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Living The Dream

Episode 5: Breaking the chains

Tiffany's past
Last episode, host Mark said that the producers were angry that one of the contestants hadn't revealed a certain aspect about their past. It is planned that at dinner, it will be revealed that a former boyfriend of Tiffany's has posted a home video of them having sex on the internet.

But the morning before that, in his room, Tiffany reveals to Sam that she is the contestant Mark referred to, but doesn't say what it is. At lunch, Mick the Prick hassles Tiffany that she is the one with the secret. Sam is clearly not impressed, but does nothing. But after lunch, Sam checks in with Tiffany to see if she's alright, and gives her a hug.

Prize challenge
Mark comes out dressed up in a garish bee suit - as directed, he is not happy with the costume at all.

This challenge involves two contestants, handcuffed together, being covered in honey and rolling around in a pool full of money, hoping the most money sticks to you. The couple with the most money get Bosch home ware products, the couple with the least have to remain handcuffed together.

Tiffany and Ben win - and by design, Sam and Mary the Virgin come last, and must remain handcuffed together. "Crikey!" is Sam's familiar response.

Mary is busted
Following the challenge, the contestants combat the terrible weather by warming up in the spa pool. Mark comes in and announces a special guest has arrived - it's Mary the Virgin's fiancé William! He comes in playing a guitar and singing a song about his cupcake Mary.

She emerges from the spa to embrace him, but William is shocked that she is wearing a bikini, and is handcuffed to Sam. He gets angry and says he is leaving. Mary follows him inside, dragging Sam with her. He exits the house angrily, leaving Mary "distraught", unable to exit the house as she will forfeit the game.

Mark, still in the bee suit, consuls her sleazily, and takes her upstairs. Everyone comments on this, and Sam runs upstairs to check on them, thrilling the producers. Mark attempts to get rid of Sam, but he doesn't. In interview, Victoria (who plays Mary), comments on Sam's sweetness in trying to protect her.

The dinner game
Micks starts hassling Tiffany about her secret.  "When we're you gonna tell us about your porn star career," he inquires. He starts miming sexual actions and groaning.

"Is this necessary at the table?" asks Sam. In interview, Sam says he thinks it was really mean.

Immunity challenge
Sam expresses his desire for Mick to leave, and this challenge is a talent quest. Matthew Ridge enters - he is a guest judge.

Betty screams and gesticulates wildly while performing a "Choreo-Poem" entitled 'Love and Pain'; Ben tells a lame joke; Tiffany paints a picture with her body; Sam walks on his hands; Mary swings a hula hoop in a skimpy outfit ("I looked like I did when I was five," says Victoria in interview).

Mick sings 'Oh Danny Boy". Quite well. Matthew Ridge gives him the highest mark. Once again, by design, Mick is the winner. Charlie (who plays Ben) observes that this obviously pisses Sam off. Ben and Sam discuss the situation in Sam's room. Sam says he thinks the house is corrupting Mary.

According to Kirsty (who plays Betty), Sam thinks they should vote for Mary to save her relationship with William. Following the voting, Mark informs the room that the votes are irrelevant and that someone will actually be evicted from the house because of past behaviour.

Tiffany interrupts Mark before he can finish and says her angry goodbyes. She is about to smash her plate in the fire, but Mark tells her to sit down. He informs them that  Mick will be evicted for breaking the game's rules. Mick is enraged - he refuses to leave at first and angrily protests, but eventually smashes his own plate and leaves.

"That was my job," says Mark, referring to the plate smashing.

"I'm looking forward to getting away from Mick and going back to me," says Jason (who played Mick).

The next morning
When he thinks the cameras have stopped rolling, Sam admits that he considered leaving the house the night before.

"I was tempted to get in a cab and leave. I don't want to be famous. What did I get myself into?"

Is the only genuine contestant quitting the game?