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Living The Dream

Episode 4: Sam re-writes the script

Kissy kissy
Sam is still dealing with last week's accusation that he kissed Rima.

He brings it up in front of everyone at dinner, and asks Rima to admit that it was a fabrication. Rima tells Mary in private that they did, again. Although he remains calm, it is obviously riling Sam up. But while they eat, he finally gets Rima to admit to everyone that she made it up.

Rima says she was playing the game, and that Tiffany fell for it because she likes Sam. In interview, Sam is perplexed by Rima's actions.

Luxury challenge
In a challenge for a widescreen TV, contestants must identify who is being referred to in statements about their drinking habits. If you get it wrong, you have to change into a crazy outfit. Sam gets his wrong and has to change into a school girl's uniform.

When Mary the virgin changes into a French Maid's outfit, she comes out and sits on host Mark's lap.

"For such an innocent girl, she's very flirty," observes Sam in interview

Even though Tiffany gets her question right, Sam insists she dress up also.

Bread and water
Because she lost the last challenge, Tiffany isn't allowed wine, but when she gets into the spa and everyone is drinking, Sam sneaks her some wine.

Sarah (who plays Tiffany) admits in interview that she is impressed by Sam's kind gestures towards her.

Sam re-writes the script
For this immunity challenge, the contestants must defrost frozen clothes with their body heat as quick as they can and put them on. This challenge is rigged so that Mick will win - his clothes have less water in them so they should defrost quicker, and Sam's clothes were extra frozen.

But Sam's good ol' Kiwi ingenuity has proved too much for the production, and he wins the challenge, against all odds. This sends the producers into a tizzy, who must now amend the script to accommodate this.

As the producer rightly assume Sam will try to get rid of Mick (who they want to stay), and they know Sam will be suspicious if the others don't vote for Mick, they send Ben in to try and influence his decision.

Tiffany busted
Mark comes in and announces that Tiffany is in trouble for drinking in the spa the previous night - but Sam gave her the wine. Her penalty is that she has to cook dinner - but she can have an assistant.

"Uh, we convinced her to drink," Sam says sheepishly. "The people in the spa."

In accordance with the plan, Sam volunteers to be her assistant.

Too many cooks?
Sam assists Tiffany in the kitchen and observes in interview that she probably hasn't spent much time in the kitchen. Sam also says he hopes there will be no conflict that evening.

Rima comes in to the kitchen to talk to Sam, but he isn't very responsive - it's clear he is mad at her.

The meal is cooked - but Sam has done most of the work.

Too many drinks?
Prior to dinner, there is some celebratory champagne drinks. Mary says she doesn't drink, but Mark the host convinces her to have one, or nine. Sam observes that Mark is constantly filling up Tiffany's glass.

"He's smoother than a gravy sandwich," says Sam.

Tiffany begins to get a little tipsy, and gets up on the table and starts dancing on the table. In interview, Victoria (who plays Mary) admits she was nervous about the dancing.

"I'm not looking forward to seeing that on TV," she says.

As she dances on the table like an idiot, she grabs Mark and makes him join her.

Prior to the ceremony Mark comes in and says that one contestant (not to be named) has kept a disturbing fact from their past from the producers, and it's causing problems. And if there's anything else, they should admit it.

Elimination ceremony
Sam has immunity, so no one can vote for him. We see Sam voting for Rima. Mick and Rima both get all the votes, but Rima just edges Mick out and she must leave.

In addressing the group, Rima tearfully says it wasn't totally unexpected, but it still makes her feel stick to her stomach, because she was the only one who played the game.

"I have struggled my entire life," she wails. "These clothes aren't mine, I borrowed them from a friend so I wouldn't look stupid on TV. I own nothing!"

Awanui (who plays Rima) is borderline overacting. But she's not nearly as bad as Mule. She finishes her speech with a Maori farewell. Then Mark smashes her plate into the fireplace.

In a post-show interview, Awanui apologises to Sam for her deception, and says she looks forward to meeting Sam in real life.