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Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook: Book Review

Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook 
Companion to Yates Garden Guide

Reviewed by's Steph Zajkowski

Almost everyone I know, of any generation, has a copy of Yates Garden Guide (first published in 1895!) somewhere around their house.

Given that this most useful manual is the best selling practical gardening book on both sides of the Tasman, it seems amazing that until now, no one has thought to release a Yates cookbook. 

So the clever sparks who finally made it happen are to be commended, as this new release perfectly complements the old stalwart. 

This is the book that takes the produce you grow and shows you what to do with it.

Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook lets you rediscover what your great-grandparents knew - the pleasure gardening can bring, the delicious and healthy food it provides and the great savings you can make.

Teaming Yates' wisdom with that of well known food writer and cook Kate Fraser was a masterstroke.

I have always enjoyed Kate's recipes (in Christchurch's The Press) and her down to earth approach to food.

This cookbook provides dozens of suggestions for using your garden produce.  Some are tried and tested heritage recipes, some are new and interesting, all are accessible. 

These are recipes that invite "I might actually make that" responses. They are well laid out, easy to follow and the crisp photography by Nicky Kerr leaps off the page.

The recipes cover most things you will grow in your Kiwi garden - vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs.

The book aims to meet the growing need for cooking and preserving information for a generation of new gardeners who have lost the connection between the garden and the kitchen.

I have no doubt that any person over the age of 20 would welcome this book under the Christmas tree. I've got it on my "to give' list - put it on yours too.

Rating: 8/10

Title: Yates Garden Fresh Cookbook
RRP: $44.99
Publisher:  Harper Collins NZ Ltd
Available: Now