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Worth Dying For: Book review

Reviewed by's Steph Zajkowski

SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to find out what happened to maverick loner Jack Reacher since we left him, trapped in an underground inferno in 61 Hours, STOP READING NOW.

It's such a rare treat for Reacher fans to have TWO Reacher novels in one year and although I was left underwhelmed by 61 Hours, I was still itching to get my hands on Child's latest adventure. 

And what an adventure it is!

The big question is - did Jack survive? Of course he did, but as Worth Dying For opens, we learn that hard-to-kill Jack has suffered some pretty severe injuries, plus - he's MAD AS HELL.

Falling foul of the nasty Duncan clan as he passes through the wilds of Nebraska, Reacher's best course of action would have been to keep on moving. But for Jack, that is impossible.

Wondering why the entire county has been terrified into submission by the Duncans, Jack uncovers the decades-old unsolved case of a missing eight-year-old girl.

Throw an attractive damsel in distress into the mix and it makes the perfect Reacher 'flash-point'.

Reacher's hooked on finding answers, and so will you be. It's heart-racing, edge of the seat stuff as Jack peels away layers of secrecy to uncover what evil lies beneath.

After the disappointingly low body count and slow-burning drama of 61 Hours, Child has reached deep into his arsenal and pulled out a cracker of a plot and a rollercoaster of Reacher revenge. Reacher, bruised and battered, is back on form, with scores to settle.

But to my mind, it's a colder, more cynical Reacher whose recent near-death experience has hardened his heart.  It's bone-crunching, gun-toting action galore as Reacher single-handedly dispenses with baddie after baddie. This 'new' Jack is kinda scary and you'll be glad he's on your side.

For this massive fan, any new Reacher is a bonus. 

So get yourself down to the local bookstore pronto - Reacher is back and he's better and badder than ever before.

Rating: 9/10

Worth Dying For by Lee Child
Random House
RRP: $39.99
Available: 30 September 2010