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Award-winning, international filmmaker NHNZ has enthralled millions of viewers for more than three decades with their documentaries.

In collaboration with TVNZ, NHNZ now makes their highly acclaimed Wild South programmes available on DVD for the very first time.

INVADERS IN PARADISE (1994). For millions of years New Zealand was a paradise - home to many ancient plants and animals that set New Zealand apart. But a thousand years ago the first invaders arrived, and changed the face of the country forever. The conservation work now being done hopes to undo a millennium of devastation, so that our most valued inhabitants can once again take centre stage in a Return to Paradise.

BANDITS OF THE BEECH FOREST (1996). A plague of wasps has descended on New Zealand and left scientists struggling to protect animal and human victims from this sinister pest. In New Zealands fragile beech forests the wasp threatens the annihilation of the kaka as a last great wave of environmental destruction sweeps across the country.

LAND OF THE KIWI (1988). New Zealand stands alone in the South Pacific. It is an ancient land with ancient wildlife and strange insects; frogs that carry their young, and birds that can no longer fly. The kiwi is not only our national symbol, but also symbolises the very special wildlife of New Zealand. So why is the wildlife of New Zealand so different? Why are there so many strange birds and yet only one mammal a tiny bat? The answer lies in the land itself.