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Win Heston's Feast Season two on DVD

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British Chef Heston Blumenthal sets out on a gastronomic adventure to reinvent famous historical and mythical feasts for the ultimate 21st century banquets.

Among the lavish banquets Heston prepares this time are a Willie Wonka feast inspired by Roald Dahls famous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

He also conjures up a Fairytale Feast inspired by the stories which thrilled and scared him as a child, including Snow White, Cinderella and Hansel & Gretel. And Heston goes ghoulish in an eye-popping Gothic Feast that takes inspiration from iconic works of horror such as Frankenstein, Dracula & Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The culmination of each of Hestons culinary quests is a spectacular banquet laid on for an excited bunch of celebrity diners.