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UNLEASH your brilliance!

UNLEASH Your Brilliance! For the Year of the Tiger.

Jenny Lyn Walker's NZ Maori Collection opened the UNLEASH Your Brilliance! show and the 'Tiki' dress which won Jenny the Westfield style pasifika supreme award, made a special appearance which is the first time since Keisha Castle-Hughes wore the dress to  LA for 'Whale Rider'.

Seven exquisite garments worn by seven beautiful people honouring and respecting NZ nature, culture and art and bringing of the past into a contemporary version were on show at the Marae. Handpainted, woven, screenprinted, appliquéd and many other techniques are used by Jenny to create strikingly beautiful pieces to be worn to special events and occasions. Jenny flitted in her well known Fantail dress generating and expressing energy and joy.

With a back drop of forest, an astro turfed catwalk and Tiger paintings flanking the stage, the scene was set for the Tigers to come out and play in the next part of the extravaganza.

Tigers were unleashed through expressive garments worn by fourteen models who made them come to life and in the same moment showed off their true individual selves.  The models moved and danced to tell the story of their garment and their lives and each segment was accompanied by live poetry to express this further. Brilliant poems written by Linda Lucy Haines and spoken by Angela Smith.

The Tiger collection was full of fire, passion and intensity in style and colour, representative of strength, courage and conviction of the Tiger within. Finding the fire to go forth with your passion and follow your dreams.
The show captured the audience with the striking one off designs, brilliant oranges and blacks for the Tigers and Flames, and moss green representing nature and wildlife. A mixture of lush fabrics, flattering & shapely style lines, pieces for a range of ages and body types enhancing each persons gorgeous features.

Two excellent MC's, Janelle Fletcher well known coach and speaker and Gus from Printable Reality hosted the Pt Chevalier show, and throughout the evening there was an amazing array of entertainment in between the fashion, a collaboration of artists with visual art, dance, aerial silk performances and live music of which the main band was Macombee and the Absolute Truth. So many talented people filled the Marae and unleashed their talents for all to appreciate. There was even a talk from the Auckland Zoo big cat keeper, with some proceeds from the evening going to the Tiger projects at the Zoo.
Jenny wowed the audience and the Fashion critics with her style, fit and uniqueness, pictures can be seen on  Events: Auckland / Exclusive/ UNLEASH Your Brilliance. As well as more pictures on the website Guest designer Rosie Horsley  showcased her spectacular Autumn dress representing death and rebirth, she is a past winner of the World of Wearable arts award with her Birdwoman dress and was the amazing talent behind the feather & leaf headpieces and accessories  worn by the models.

The show at the Te Mahurehure Marae was a real celebration of all people, a spirited community effort with a huge involvement of Pt Chevalier locals and businesses sponsoring and providing resources for the event, artists and performers, from local children as Tiger cubs, face & bodypainting by Carmel, to the models, to the numerous helpers, sewers, back stage help from Auckland City Council members Sarah and Dave and the amazing talent of the head stylist Lee Ann Thomas bringing things together and of course a wonderful audience. It was all made possible by this connectivity of all ages, cultures and talents in the community and the vision of Jenny Lyn Walker at YBe Fashion Design Gallery. 
YBe is quickly becoming an icon in Pt Chevalier and Jenny is known for helping people find their self expression through their clothes, also outward expression in their lives and bringing people together. "Finding the confidence to wear your style with flair, be your true self, tell your journey through your clothes, be all you can be, be different, be unique, be expressive, Unleash Your Brilliance at YBe in Pt Chevalier", says Jenny, Fashion Designer / Inspirational motivator.

Make sure you get down to the Gallery to discover great Fashion and stunning style with the fantastic garments from the ever expanding collection by Jenny Lyn Walker. An amazing Feast of Fashion to partake in.
Jenny can be found at her Pt Chevalier Beach YBe Fashion Design Gallery, 506 Pt Chevalier Rd, ph: 845 2371, or to make an appointment.

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