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Quaky Cat: Book Review

Quaky Cat

Reviewed by's Mel Scott

When the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Canterbury in the small hours of Saturday 4th September this year, few could comprehend what was happening around them and none more so than the most vulnerable - children and animals.

Children's author Diana Noonan brings together their plight in a new picture book, Quaky Cat, which will appeal to children and cat-lovers alike. 

In the aftermath of the earthquake, Noonan decided to do her part to help quake victims the only way she could - by writing a story for children about what happened that morning from the perspective of a bright orange cat called Tiger.

Tiger wakes just before the earthquake strikes and bolts out of the house, looking for safety as the town rolls, shakes and rumbles all around him. Lost and lonely, he searches for his owner Emma in the chaos after the quake.

A sweet and moving story, Quaky Cat acknowledges the scary and sad experiences children went through during and after the earthquake but also ends with a hopeful and reassuring message for those children and their families left homeless by the quake.

Tiger the cat is vividly brought to life by adorable illustrations from Gavin Bishop. As a cat owner, you can't help but compare him to your own furry friend and wonder, what would my cat have done?

Not only is the book ideal for children coming to terms with their experiences of the Canterbury earthquake but it's a charming read for those children curious about what happened to their friends and family.

It's a worthy purchase too, as Diana Noonan, Gavin Bishop and Scholastic are donating 50 per cent of the proceeds of Quaky Cat to Christchurch charities, to help those affected by the quake. They will also be donating copies of to children in year 1 and year 2 at Christchurch schools.

A good cause, a touching story and a lovely looking book all in one.


Quaky Cat, written by Diana Noonan and illustrated by Gavin Bishop

Publisher: Scholastic
RRP: $19.50
Available: Now