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Genesis: Book Review

Reviewer:'s Steph Zajkowski

If you are a fan of Karin Slaughter's "Grant County" series, featuring gorgeous heroine Dr Sara Linton, you'll love her latest release Genesis.

And if you're a fan of Karin Slaughter's "Will Trent" novels, following Special Agent Will Trent and police detective Faith Mitchell, you too will love Genesis.

That's because Slaughter combines both series together in one book to create a gripping new story.

Since we last encountered her in the novel Skin Privilege, Sarah has left her job as Grant County coroner, and is working in the ER at Atlanta's Grady Hospital.

In the one night, she treats Faith Mitchell who has had an unexplained fainting incident in the car park. Not long after, Sara attends a young woman who has been hit by a car.

It soon becomes clear that the young woman's injuries are far from "routine" - she's been cruelly tortured, starved  and as Linton discovers, has had other brutalities carried out on her.

Already in the hospital due to Mitchell's fainting spell, Will Trent is well placed to become involved with the mystery of the patient known as "Anna."

Unfortunately, Anna proves to be the first victim of a real sicko. If you're really squeamish, you might want to take a breath before committing to this book.

In trade-mark Slaughter style, Karin takes the reader to the edge of squirming revulsion, and presumably into the mind of the depraved and dangerous.

I found the autopsy (of the second victim) truly disturbing. Be prepared - this book contains some really sensationalist, even gratuitous violence.

As the detectives work with Sara to get info out of Anna, a third woman disappears from a supermarket car park, leaving her traumatised six-year-old son the only witness.

The missing and dead women are mounting up and as the desperate detectives renew their efforts to get Anna talking, a fourth woman goes missing.

Slaughter leads the reader down a few blind alleys before we realise what the potential connection between all four victims is.

There are so many names and heinous crimes going on in this story that it can get quite overwhelming.

Add to this a series of parallel sub-plots running through the book - each character's personal story.

Linton is still struggling with the death of her ex policeman husband over three years ago.

Mitchell has her personal health crisis to angst over. Trent is agonising over his dead-end marriage, his attraction to Linton and work issues due to his dyslexia.

The promise of romance between Trent and Linton is briefly tantalising, and would have been a welcome respite from the dark world of the murders.

However it never really goes anywhere, ending up a dead-end plot device that merely pads out a chapter. Maybe she's hinting at a future book?

Despite being a bit ponderous at times, events finally ramp up towards the end when we discover just who might be committing these grisly crimes.

You just know that when the two detectives split up en route to the "arrest" that something horrendous is about to happen to one of them...and that's enough on the subject from me.

If you're a lover of crime fiction, then you won't hesitate to add Genesis to your collection. Just proceed with caution.  Don't say you weren't warned.


Rating: 7/10

Title: Genesis
Author: Karin Slaughter
Publisher: Random House
Available: Now
RRP: $38.99