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Fierce September: Book review

Reviewed by's Steph Zajkowski

Fans of Fleur Beale's Juno series will be happy to learn that the sequel to Juno of Taris, Fierce September is now in stores.

Juno and the other Taris inhabitants must leave their hermetically sealed island.

The giant dome which maintains their climate and protects them from the harsh vagaries of the Southern Ocean has cracked and their isolated lives are in imminent danger. 

The young people look forward to a wider life Outside, but Outside too has its problems.

After a perilous journey across the seas, they arrive in Aotearoa - the year is 2085.
Viewed suspiciously by the locals, the people of Taris have no choice but to try to live here.

They soon realise they've swopped one hostile environment for another.

The young people are entranced despite the hate campaign against them: there are the fashions, the technologies and best of all for Juno, the freedom from extreme control.

But only days after the group arrives, a pandemic hits the country - this has drastic consequences for Juno and her people.

Once the pandemic is over, life settles down and the question now for Juno is to find her way amongst the choices open to her, some of which cause her parents to fear she is abandoning the values they hold so dear.

Written for young adults, this second chapter of the Taris trilogy introduces new challenges for Juno and friends.

You don't need to have read the first book to understand and empathise with the characters, and Beale handily supplies a quick recap of book one anyway.

To immerse yourself in the story fully, Random House and Fleur Beale have expanded the Taris experience - at the end of each chapter, readers will be referred to an online blog featuring additional conversations/commentary from the characters in the novel.

All in all, Fierce September is a satisfying, thought-provoking read, from award-winning author Fleur Beale.



Fierce September by Fleur Beale
: Random House NZ
RRP: $19.95
Available: Now