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The Element: Book review

by's Melanie Scott

If you've ever thought you've missed the boat on finding the ideal career or life path, The Element by Sir Ken Robinson shows that it's never to late to find your passion and make it part of your life.

Robinson is an experienced leader in education, creativity and innovation and has worked with governments, Fortune 500 companies and cultural organisations.

In his new book The Element, Robinson shares his wealth of knowledge about creativity and success and reveals how to begin to discover your "element".

The Element is the place where the things that we enjoy doing and the things we are good at come together.  Robinson believes that everyone has their own element and it's up to us to find out what that is so that we can begin to live and work with passion.

In order to help us with this, Robinson presents inspirational interviews and stories from people like Paul McCartney, Meg Ryan and Arianna Huffington which explore the many different paths to discovering your element.

He also looks at the different reasons why we might struggle to find our element, like family pressures or age, and provides examples of how others have overcome these. 

The biggest factor preventing people from discovering their element, according to Robinson, is the impact of the traditional education system on developing minds. 

In his opinion, most conventional education providers stifle creativity; an attribute which he sees as essential for success in all areas of business and in life.

His comments make for interesting reading in light of our current national education standards controversy and would be very insightful for parents or teachers.

For those seeking a blueprint for happiness, The Element doesn't offer a lot of practical advice. But this book isn't designed as a step-by-step guide and Robinson doesn't pretend to have all the answers.

Instead he serves to inspire and motivate the reader by showing us what is possible. 

If you're stuck in a dead end job or just looking for something more, The Element is a great starting point to motivate you to get out from behind that desk, off the couch and get more excitement out of life.

Rating: 7/10

Title: The Element
Author: Ken Robinson
Publisher:  Penguin
RRP: $30.00
Available: Now