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A Crack in the Sky: Book review

Reviewed by's Anna Gowan

Otago author Kyle Mewburn recently won the New Zealand Post Children's Book of the Year Award for his picture book, Old Hu-Hu (illustrated by Rachel Driscoll).

A Crack in the Sky was produced as a result of the New Zealand Society of Authors Mentor Programme, in which Kiwi writers are partnered with more experienced authors (in Kyle Mewburn's case, David Hill).

Conor is having a pretty tough time. His dad is MIA and money is tight - so tight in fact that his mum can't afford a new sofa.

When Conor sees a plush red couch washed up on the beach, he thinks his discovery is almost too good to be true - and it is ...

With a good dose of cheeky humour, A Crack in the Sky is an entertaining read for 8-11 year olds. The plot rockets along with plenty of intriguing twists and mysteries for a young reader to resolve.
Kyle Mewburn has folded a number of bittersweet observations about life into the novel, and subtly tackles some fairly serious issues throughout the course of the story.

This is a fun read with a strong message for kids: a moment of despair can quickly spiral into quite a crisis - especially when a suspicious red couch is involved ...

A Crack in the Sky by Kyle Mewburn
Publisher: Scholastic
RRP: $17.99
Available: Now