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Launch 2009

Stars In Their Eyes

You think you look like Justin Timberlake. You think you sing like Justin Timberlake. But for one night, can you make millions believe you really are Justin Timberlake?

Stars In Their Eyes is a talent show in which ordinary people - from bus-drivers to businessmen - are asked to step into the spotlight and perform as their favourite artist, in front of a LIVE studio audience. Star-struck contestants have the opportunity of a lifetime to live their wildest showbiz dream.

Hosted by Simon Barnett, the New Zealand version of this beloved British talent show is back for a second season. There are no restrictions as to which singer the contestants choose to emulate. Whether it's a top rock star, a legendary crooner or a well known R&B artist, it's enough that we recognise them and hear the star in their voice when they perform.

Contestants will strut their stuff and once they've given it their best, it's up to the audience to decide which contestant was the most convincing impersonator. All episode winners go through to a grand final at the end of the season.