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Launch 2009

The National Bank Country Calendar

The National Bank Country Calendar is a perennial New Zealand favourite - the longest running television programme in the country which has screened for nearly 45 years without a break, and which consistently rates in the top 10 shows for the week.

The first Country Calendar went to air in April 1966 - but it was quite different from what it is today. The black-and-white programme was based in the studio and the cameras occasionally ventured to rural heartland. It was aimed primarily at farmers and rural folk, and featured the latest in research, along with coverage of stock sale prices and intriguing farmer inventions.

Today the programme has broadened its appeal and celebrates all New Zealanders' strong connection with the land.

The National Bank Country Calendar prides itself on being a reflection of rural people and their lifestyle - a real taste of life beyond the city boundary, a chance for city to meet country, and a platform to showcase innovations in modern rural life and business which are gaining New Zealand international kudos.

Executive producer Frank Torley still enjoys the challenge of extracting stories from some of the country's most reserved characters. He's been associated with the programme almost since it started and believes a whole range of factors make the show such a hit with viewers.

Among them, he lists good research to find interesting stories, along with careful attention to the craft of film-making.  But most of all, he says, the key to the show's success is the people who appear in the stories.

  • Consistently wins over 30% share
  • Average rating of 34 YTD for AP 55+