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Here To Stay

From different countries around the world, six more well-known Kiwis uncover the mix of values, personalities and tempers their own ancestors brought to this country, on Here To Stay. What are the secret ingredients of being Kiwi?

Actor Madeleine Sami finds many surprising things about the Indian influence in New Zealand, taking on the challenge of reconciling her Irish Catholic/Fijian Indian heritage.

The infamous Bugman, Ruud Kleinpaste, digs deeply into tales of Dutch pragmatism and straight-talking.

Comedian Michele A'Court takes a spotlight to history of the French, and the race to colonise the Pacific that might have given us a different flag.

Self-described 'half-wog' Paolo Rotondo takes his own Italian zeal to the complex tales of Italian fishermen, soldiers and farmers.

Actor, singer, comedian, presenter Stephanie Tauevihi has a surprising skeleton in the cupboard of her past. Despite her Niuean name and looks, her family is half Danish.

While Naked Samoan (also Niuean) Shimpal Lelisi gets the colourful assignment of tracing the influence that Pacific Islanders have had in what is now the capital of Polynesia.

They say you don't know where you are going until you know where you've been.