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Launch 2009

Border Patrol

The top-rating series Border Patrol returns for a new season, following the exploits of Customs, MAF, and the New Zealand Immigration Service.

In Border Patrol every week, thousands of people arrive in New Zealand. Most are visitors, many are genuine immigrants, some are refugees - but others intend living and working here illegally. 

The Immigration Service is charged with maintaining the security of the border - assessing risks; issuing visas; in some cases, refusing entry; and once the border has been breached, locating overstayers and illegal immigrants, and carefully considering each case. 

Meanwhile, the Customs Service continues its war against drugs and other illegal goods. With methamphetamine use on the rise, Customs has noticed a sharp increase in the importation of its precursor ingredient, pseudoephedrine - commonly found in cold and flu tablets which - along with cocaine and ecstasy - are now being detected arriving at Kiwi airports at an alarming rate.

The MAF Quarantine Service's mission is to keep New Zealand pest and disease-free. From undeclared meat and fruit at the airport, to live insects onboard ships, or a lizard at the mail centre, quarantine officers uncover risk items on a daily basis. 

More than 600 yachts arrive and depart from New Zealand between October and March. MAF and Customs officers must ensure these yachts comply with Customs and MAF entry requirements. MAF inspect a British tank brought into the country, while an alligator head causes consternation at a mail centre.

Life for this dedicated bunch of people who battle to protect New Zealand's borders is often confrontational, sometimes amusing, sometimes downright dangerous, but always exciting.

  • Four series have screened in NZ since 2002
  • The fourth series achieved nearly 31% share
  • Averaged TARPs of 22.5 for AP 40-64