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Kung Foo Panda Holiday Special

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About Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special

Kung Foo Panda Holiday Special, on TV2

Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) assigns Po (Jack Black) to host the annual Winter Feast at the Jade Palace, which is a highly ritualised formal occasion exclusively for the masters of Kung Fu.

Although Po offers his father the opportunity to cater it, Mr Ping (James Hong) is adamant that he must stay at his restaurant for the lonely people who have nowhere else to eat for the holiday.

Po struggles to cook for the banquet himself, and he is soon overwhelmed by the myriad of responsibilities, further complicated by the interference of Wo Hop (Jack McBrayer), a rabbit chef he accidentally disgraced earlier.

As Po despairs, a comment from Wo Hop inspires him to enlist the Furious Five to help complete the preparations!