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This show is off air.

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KORERO MAI - Speak To Me breaks new ground in teaching te reo Mäori. Using drama in the form of an ongoing soap opera, and a presenter who highlights the lessons in the story. KORERO MAI - Speak To Me teaches te reo Mäori in an easy, clear and fun way.

The series teaches modern conversational Maori using a mixture of techniques and styles. The drama tells the story of the daily lives of an inter-generational group of contemporary Mäori, using bi-lingual dialogue, in a way that illustrates the use and meaning of the Mäori words and phrases. In the last section of the programme, the presenter explains the words, which are also written in captions underneath the video action, so that viewers can see as well as hear the words. The amount of Mäori used in the stories will increase as the series progresses and the competence of the viewers increases.

Every third episode is a special tutorial and has a section of more conventional lessons, which expand, test and revise the language introduced in the drama and adds the basics like counting, colours and the days of the week.

Other segments teach waiata (songs), tikanga (the Mäori code of conduct), new words and colloquial phrases designed to appeal to young people like "awesome", "never mind", "I don't think so" and "whatever".

A unique mix of education and entertainment, KORERO MAI consists of 70 half-hour episodes to be broadcast in an innovative schedule to maximise learning. The on-air pattern sees each of two episodes repeated twice a week, followed by the one-off revision tutorial episode, also twice a week. Thus, viewers can choose maximum repetition by watching all the repeats, or maximum flexibility by selecting particular nights.