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Kidzone With Kayne

The Kidzone Show is all about Kiwi kids having fun while learning about themselves and their community. 

Presenters Morgan and Kayne invite viewers to get up and join in with lots of physical activities and opportunities for young viewers to think and learn about the world around them.

Morgan and Kayne meet children and their families from around Aotearoa New Zealand, and celebrate the ordinary and the extraordinary which make up their daily lives.

The series will also visit the many cultures that make up the tapestry of New Zealand society today.

The Kidzone Show helps children learn life skills, from cleaning their own teeth, to eating a variety of meals, or visiting mum or dad at work.

The Kidzone Show is produced, directed and written by early childhood experts; it is developmentally and age-appropriate and covers the early childhood curriculum, including early mathematics, science and language, with a large helping of problem-solving.

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