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Karli Thomas and The Raiders of The Last Tuna


About Karli Thomas and The Raiders of The Last Tuna

Karli Thomas and The Raiders of The Last Tuna on TV ONE

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About the show

The Pacific Ocean supplies over 60 per cent of the worlds tuna consumption, but at what cost? 

The most valuable stocks of Pacific tuna are already in an over-fished state, while the big eye tuna and the blue fin tuna are in danger of extinction.

Enter Kiwi eco-warrior Karli Thomas and her crew, as they patrol the Pacific high seas, battling plunder and piracy to save Pacific tuna stocks from destruction.

Karli Thomas And The Raiders Of The Last Tuna follows the protesters on a three month voyage to the worlds most remote stretches of ocean the Pacific high seas.  It is in these international waters that thousands of legal and illegal vessels are racing to take as much as they can of the dwindling tuna population.

Karli and her fellow eco-warriors put their lives on the line to search for outright piracy and unlicensed ships.  Along the way, they find increasing signs of the effects of over-fishing and dodgy fishing practices such as shark finning.

Its the Wild West for the worlds fishing fleets, and the last frontier for tuna.