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Truck Licence Info Sheet

Job title
Truck Driver

Job description
Ensuring the vehicle, load and driver reach the required destination on time and safely. This includes initially checking that the:
Truck is in a road worthy condition
The load matches up with load documentation
The load is securely contained in/on the vehicle
The vehicle is then driven in a safe and fuel-efficient manner with courtesy to other road users and clients. All company procedures to be complied with.

Qualifications required
You will need the appropriate licence class and licence endorsements eg. 'Dangerous Goods' to operate the vehicle legally on the road.

Training costs
Depends on requirements

Location of job
This can be predominantly in a truck (eg. Line Haul driving) or a mixture of in the truck and on site (eg. Livestock transportation or readymixed concrete delivery).

Career path
Class 2 Medium rigid vehicle driver (over 3.5 tonnes)
Class 4 driver Heavy Rigid vehicle driver (3 axle truck of more than 18 tonnes gross laden weight)
Class 5 Heavy Combination vehicle driver (truck & trailer) with a gross combined weight of more than 25 tonnes

Salary range
From $22,000 to $55,000+

Other careers this profession could lead to
Driver Trainer
Vehicle Dispatcher
Transport Manager

How to increase your chances of successfully entering this industry
To gain a Class 2 licence you must have held a FULL Class 1 licence for six months.

Other places to source information about this job
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