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Trainee Customs Officer Info Sheet

Job title:
Trainee Customs Officer

Job description:
Border Security for International Trade and passengers entering and exiting NZ.

Qualifications required/age restrictions:
NCEA level two English and Maths
All other training provided by Customs
No age limit but need good communication skills and able to deal with conflict.

Training costs:

Location of job:
Nationwide but majority of vacancies in Auckland.

Career path:
Yes definite career path through training, increasing number of "Stripes" from entry level to CCO "Chief Customs Officer"
Trainee Customs Office
Customs Officer
Senior Customs Officer
Assistant Chief Customs Officer
Chief Customs Officer
More specialised areas - Intelligence, Investigations etc

Salary range:

The starting salary for a trainee Customs officer with around four years relevant work experience, or equivalent educational experience beyond school, is $36,595 per annum. This is 80% of the salary range for a Customs officer. 

The salary for a fully competent Customs officer (100% of the range) is $45,744per annum.  Officers can move above 100% for consistent superior performance.

Depending on your hours of work category, your salary can be supplemented. Customs officers often work shifts or outside of standard working hours and allowances are paid to compensate for this. The allowance payable is in the range $3,236 to $9,020 per annum, depending on the officer's hours of work arrangements - e.g. if working flexible hours (i.e. sometimes outside of standard working hours), shift work, etc.

Other careers this profession could lead to:
We'd like to think that there is enough variety in Customs for a long term career.

Tips on how to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry:
When submitting a CV say why you want to work for Customs and how you meet the competencies required for the role. All the information is supplied in the role description.

Places/websites to source information about this job:
Career Services Raupara

Any other relevant points:
Don't get Customs Officer roles confused with "Customer Service" positions. A Customs Officer is a law enforcement role.